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Down Comforters

Down and Down Alternative Comforters

Climate you reside in and your preference play a large part in your selection of a comforter. Considering, Fill type, Fill Power, Fill Weight is also a factor while making a choice. Down has the advantage of being naturally insulating without being heavy.

Fill Type:

Today comforters are available with several types of fill, European White Goose Down, polyester fiberfill. If allergies are a concern, hypoallergenic options in both natural and synthetic-fill comforters are available.

Fill Power:

What is important to remember about Fill Power is this: the higher the fill power the lighter, fluffier and more insulating the comforter. We suggest fill power between 500 -650 - for even retention of and breathability.

Fill Weight:

Down's weight is measured in cubic ounces - If a comforter has a high fill weight and a low fill power, it will feel heavy without being too warm.

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